Flags and Borders

The secrets of communication forms in the emergences of kingdoms, hence what that can instruct in media training and praxis, this is the next questioning of the Educational and Research field of journalism education in the Great-Lakes area of Africa…

-The process of emergence and that of destruction of a system of governance is always marked by certain patterns of communications. We want to explore the articulations, the frequencies, so accordingly the repercussions, in relation to what appears to be inherent in respective traditional cultures.

-It is known that destruction is faster than emergence. It is also known that this procedure is often planned. but not always successfully. The styles of communication which can either be born, accompany, self-determine this evolution or this state of affairs, constitute characteristics which science has the right to analyze.

-When the damage is already done, and what was there is destroyed, what to do to repair it? There too, there are means of communication that are put to work; we want to know which ones, when, how and by what stratagems…

-Finally it would be interesting to interpret the relations that can be established with the initial situations, and that in using the modes of communication at hand.

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