Flags and Borders




It seems logical that when we develop a teaching system in the humanities, in our case of the sciences in communications, we take into account the historical-cultural environment.

In Great Lakes Africa, as elsewhere in Africa moreover, the cultural environment has often had a primary influence on the conduct of public affairs, hence on the way of communicating. This supposes a clarity of the points of views; it is important to note this.

We want to elaborate in this article that the fact of having the clarity of the points of view has never meant the „unique thinking“, on the contrary … The article exposes where this clarity of the points of view comes from in the conduct of public affairs, the implications on the way of communicating and what one can learn from it to imagine a teaching of journalism in this region or even everywhere in Africa where premises are the same.

The analysis of current facts in Africa shows a strong discrepancy in the conduct of public affairs for the simple reason that there are formal and informal powers. What has never existed in the history of Africa. This makes it impossible to set up an educational system. The piece explains this state of affairs with the help of the writings of UNESCO among others on the training of journalists.



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