Flags and Borders

Development communication and communication development in Africa of the Great Lakes has never been thought of or evoked except by a preliminary research project advanced with a center on cultural policies within the University of Glasgow in Scotland.

On a descriptive basis of a meeting pattern very widespread in Africa during which, in shaking hands or hugging, a person inquires about the other, besides the state of health, family…etc…but also directly what is best in the place of where one comes from:- at what are you better at or what do you have more than us…– it is a whole philosophy of perception to report on situations in real time, which means journalism, but also the assessment of the state of development of one’s environment.

We want to show the motivations of this kind of communication and its evolution throughout the stages of influences appeared in the region of the Great-Lakes of Africa until its current systems and the impacts, if there are any, on the teaching of communication sciences and the training of future journalists.

Furthermore it seems to us inevitable to confront the criticism in cultural research to address the challenges of teaching journalism in a time of merciless competition between communication sciences and economics among academics in the region.

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