Flags and Borders



Is there an apparent concept for journalism education in the Great Lakes of Africa and if so, what does it look like and what are its origins and premises? Who are the protagonists and where is the level of observation?

The public media of the old colonial institutions, ancestors of the educational institutions in Africa…

still exist and are doing rather well whether in Paris or London via Berlin. These are the Radion France Internationale, the BBC, the DW,…and so on in Portugal or Holland. All are doing well, reforming and training constantly and most important, continuing to train generations and generations of journalists, it is unthinkable that this can not continue.

Before leaving Africa, these media left works behind. What is the current situation, especially in terms of the training of African journalists, can they be trained at home, do they follow the old masters in the capitals of the north, or do they go elsewhere and what are the possible alternatives in case of force majeure…

To find ways out of these enigmas, we looked in the programs of the African Union to search for the impact on the practice of education in Journalism under the analysis of semblance of competitive methods and possible derivatives:-communication science and journalism education is nowhere on the AU reform agenda to be seen, proof enough that journalism is the visibly poor child of the 2063 agenda.

Full study: edito@csae.eu