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The articulacy concerns have always been a handicap to any innovation attempt as far as it was possible to assess them and experiences made on the ground in the great lakes area of Africa suggest that fear to approach taboo issues politically and sociologically frustrate the address of issues and significantly affects studies in journalism.



From here educationalists were called up to progress in the search of themes which can be of interest for the people, how to handel them, with which level of competence. We raise in this chapter the debate.

Universities do not get along with budgets that do not allow to set up appropriate curricula for media studies, either because governments prioritise the army or there is a notorious lack of ideas from all stakeholders. Thus there is concern that especially culture can be violated, athrophied just by deficiency in training in the field of commnication, in that case the trend that often emerges as result is that the cultural policy of countries is left behind.

Observations throughout the great lakes region in this 21st century show a defensive attitude in most relations with the outside world since there is a feeling of the “unknown” gravitating in the air.

Without advancement of and in research within the academic institutions, it is not likely to success in pushing forward strategies to confront issues of identity also analysing concepts coming from external factors.

Point-by-point arguments in this chapter




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