Flags and Borders

What is the image of journalism in Africa and what do young people aspire to when they start training?

Did the journalist fail in his mission? No one trusts him. people do not talk to the press. violations of fundamental rights come only through international disclosure into light…What is the responsibility of trainers in communication sciences and especially in journalistic chapter?

We have fully described the beginnings of the media in Africa in previous articles.-colonial legacy, -weight of dictatorships,-dismemberment of civil societies, UNESCO aid, or any kind of interventions by UN organizations… etc …Has there been any progress? We fear not: -endemic lack of trainers, -lack of adequate legislation,-disinterestedness of civil society,-rise of “digital rumor a.k.a. fake news-“which can cause information pollution to the detriment of the press, -obsolete infrastructure of universities…To conclude there, nothing favors mainstream media evolution in Africa.

And yet resistance is organized.:-how, by whom, with what means, we devote this chapter to this crucial area for the progress of countries.

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