Flags and Borders

Communication that one would be tempted to qualify as „informal“, some claim”oral transmission”, and communication in and of “networks”, are they the real gravediggers of communication sciences in the Great Lakes region of Africa? This chapter goes back in time to this up-to-date contention.

Disputes between communist and capitalist networks during the Cold War period upset African attitudes and the repercussions can be seen until today in communication studies in the continent. Africans who graduated from Western Europe and Americas, as well as those from the countries of the East bloc, have been policy makers stooges and traces elements have not disappeared. The two systems of communication have made obsolete traditions, privileged ideologies instead of research.

This chapter is dedicated to the observations of various attempts which emerged after the fall of the Berlin wall and make an attempt to:

-pick up the pieces of a tradition of communication in the great lakes region of Africa,

-review the communication methods in the emergence of kingdoms in Africa which were informed more by negotiations, consensus than by warlike clashes and their brutal destructions through colonialism and the troubled times that followed.

-look in the fight to monopolize communication, its subject of studies, research and reflections,

-measure value of criticism among African traditional systems and what can this inform journalism education…



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