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There are some predominant themes which have occupied the media during the past year we want to examine in this article. They all relate to the training of journalists more directly or to media professions in general. A brief review …

The year was undoubtedly marked by the Covid 19 pandemic that will talked about for a long time even after its move so far it has changed concepts in the field of the media.

What has greatly changed is the way of communicating and therefore journalistic trends have been challenged and consequently the way of transmitting journalistic knowledge.

The big german media hauses, at their head the FAZ ( Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung ) urged professionals to tackle the quality of journalism “qualitätsjournalismmus” in a campaign of liberation of minds for a freedom which should be worth its price “Freiheit hat ihren Preis”…

In a favorable environment in Germany where confidence in the national media is significantly in danger according to a study by the „SudeutscheZeitung“ on journalism in Germany, particularly in times of crisis, the training institutions have somehow done the right thing, according to them, let’s explain what, how and when, using this very basic study.

It goes without saying that the role of social media in communication has operated a paradigm shift as affirmed by “T: 3N digital pioneers”, a learning-training institution,; research is needed to find out where the myth comes from, what is it based on, is there a certain dictatorship of communities for example, or are certain resources not ready to run dry?…


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