A german author Stefan Schulz, a sociologist by training, who has become a publicist, author of reports on “Political Berlin”, advises colleagues to keep the course at the start of their media enterprises, offers us a book which he entitles „Redaktionsschluss“ ( Editorial closing date ).

From his statement that we are all too well„ au courant“, the author now pops the question of knowing about what, by whom and for what purpose…So prevalent questions and many more in the book.

And then, there is this phenomenon since the disappearance of famines in the Western world: it is the satiety of communications, predominantly between strangers…Does he suggest in other words that the so accumulated knowledge allows better communication?

The interrogation, however cynical, of the end of „the newspaper“ as most important constituent in the communication economy, seems as legitimate as perhaps unfounded…Where do we still find newspaper readers? And how do they destroy them? It is the computer that becomes the editor What can remain of the newspaper in the future…This may constitutes the existential challenges of „new journalism“.

The book outlines formulations and questions apparently long hangig like politics in the absence of debate, but also points to evidence that questions: how Google or Facebook ( Meta ) perceive the world and to what extent should that concern us, how we think or feel, who to trust… Above all what can journalism afford under these conditions…

Is this the drama of the media landscape or do we need a diet in the consumption of information when on the other hand the internet will be the ultimate answer, with the eyes of google, the ears of facebook…What credibility of the behavior of the user, furthermore the role of the journalist…In all that, what schould be remembered?…

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