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Digitalization, which leaves no area untouched, is noticebly debated, arouses questions and, consequently, is found in many writings, one of which we are presenting to you this winter. This is the work of Philip Specht , „Die 50 wichtigsten Themen der Digitalisierung“ ( the 50 most important topics of digitalization ).Artificial intelligence, blockchain, bitcoin, virtual reality and much more clearly explained.

The work invites us to look into the future: what are the singularities of the technologies, will we be human-machine beings? To support these questions, the digitization theme is broken down into sections to explain the successive stages of application by the general public.

Of course a lion’s share is attributed to the analysis of the use of “the internet” by both companies and private individuals: trends, business opportunities, accessible search engines … etc …The flaws,, hidden sides, problem areas of the web, everything is combed through.

The most important digital technological trends are listed and the influences observed on certain lifestyles are the subject of discussion from various angles such as ethics and even one dares to make prognoses for the future.

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