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There are books that have been out for a while and are resurfacing and referred to at the moment because of times we are going through.due to this global pandemic. These are books on „Business Plan“. As business start-ups in the media sector are booming, we take a look in the bookstore.

People are called to be creative to survive these difficult times. Establishing a „business plan“ to have capital and create a new life is a honorable drive that especially young people can proceed primarly to innovate.

But from the outset, what should we briefly understand by „Business Plan“?

We are talking about a manuscript which at the same time condenses and develops an idea, an entrepreneurial project which implements something new or what is perceived as such.

It is therefore about a work which is not ephemeral but rather extends over a period of time and which makes it possible to foresee a development over time.

We want to show in this article that, although there is no homogeneous content for a „Business Plan“, no matter which books you have at hand and in any language, we emphasize that there is nevertheless a content which has been established over a long period and in all countries, following systematic analyzes which have concluded on certain more or less standardized structures:

-Executive Summary

-the project, the business idea

-founding person

-market and competition

The overview of bookstore releases should allow a judicious choice of a work that helps and has advantage in time.


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