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Cyber security concerns technology tools and the networks that link them, and therefore is an area whose importance is commensurate with its usefulness. It is not surprising that two renowned authors devote a work to it. They are Peter Warren Singer and Allan Friedman who released „CYBERSECURITY and CYBERWAR“.

The trigger for the book is the observations of the centrality of the computer tool, which has become irreplaceable in today’s life. This is how its security becomes, of necessity, a chapter of current knowledge. Thus, it is necessary to establish definitions not only precise but also traceable in their history. And it is during this exercise that threats will appear, relates the reading of the book.

And why it matters? The space is huge and spares no sector of life, therefore the actors are of all kinds and the actions too. The approaches are very diverse and may or may not fall into conflict.

So what is everyone’s role? There are certainly lessons to be learned from areas that affect the whole life of people such as public health: -not to be alarmed, to establish an order of importance according to the situations, get organized for what can be called from now on a war and consolidate for better predicts of future events.

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