Debate Reports

We looked into recent publications on training in communication science and found a book by two authors: Manuela Feyder and Linda Rath-Wiggins on practice of contemporary media. It’s called „VR – Journalismus ein handbuch für die journalistische Ausbildung und Praxis(VR-virtual reality-journalism, a manual for journalistic training and practice).

Virtual reality is to immerse in situations you are witnessing and transport it to those who do not have this opportunity; by doing so, you are entering a role that transforms your journalistic techniques. So is virtual reality becoming a medium in its own right? With chances and challenges?

The authors of the book have done a lot of interviews, they make us aware of the relevance of this emerging art with techniques that are developing at a high speed and where the public in itself is practically taken by the shoulders and taken-virtually in reality-where events take place.

A delicate mission for journalists, reason why from conception to production, they need adequate journalistic tools, the book reveals to us which ones, this generates responsibilities and requires additional capacitie…This demanding work can depend on particular training, because of the necessity of covering extraordinary fields of action.

The book gives us an insightful look at the work, gives us a checklist of what to watch out for with the help of “stories” that illustrate what VR Journalism is all about.

ook review