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What we do here is online publishing, which did not exist in journalism construct some time ago. This prompted two authors-Thomas Holtzinger and Martin Stürmer-to devote a book on this particular field:„Die Online Redaktion-Praxisbuch für den Internetjournalismus“ (The Online Editing Practice Book for Internet Journalism), it has the ambition to open the doors for successful online communication.

The book explains the procedure to follow when one starts to publish on the internet. It is advisable to know what one wants to do and for which purpose because the job can be exalting especially that expectations are legitimate.

The authors focus is yet on the wish real recipients of this book because they kind of exclude all ambiguity to find a common playground as it is often the case when it comes to innovations:- It is the decision-makers within companies or in politics and the journalists who also are in consulting business and aspire to sharpen their know-how.

Indeed, the book sets out in meticulous details the techniques to be utilised and to follow to succeed a publication:-the metaphor of „sausage“-choice of ingredients, their mixture, ect…until satiation and grilling-to„Knäckebrot“-some kind of North European bread- and „Pfeferoni-…these images find their validity in the essential technicalities to reach the set goals.