Flags and Borders

    Is there an apparent concept for journalism education in the Great Lakes of Africa and if so, what does it look like and what are its origins and premises? Who are the protagonists and where is the level of observation? The public media of the old colonial institutions, ancestors of the educational institutions […]

Debate Reports

.. Will computers in the near future be able to compose music, write books, paint and demonstrate mathematical formulas and if so, will humans be able to notice it? Marcus du Sautoy, British author and mathematician, pull out a book:-“The creativity code, how AI writes, paints and thinks“. The professor at Oxford became popular for […]

First and Foremost Facts

Hispaniola is the historical name of the island in the Greater Antilles, and is currently composed of the Republic of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. What does the teaching of journalism and communication sciences in general look like in these contemporary times? Already at the start, the island was split into two linguistic geographies, this […]