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Africa and Europe have had evolving inter-institutional relations since the end of slavery and colonization. This year started off on a high note with announcements of „renewed“ partnership strategies in several areas including education.. What can teaching communication sciences hope for? We look at some cases to illustrate the challenges ahead…

The expedition of a high-level delegation from the European Union Commission from Brussels, the European capital, to Addis Ababa, the capital of political Africa, to face the African Union top brass at the commission, is of such importance that observers have their eyes riveted on the guidelines that might emerge from these meetings. At the level of communication sciences, the teaching of journalism is essential notably with technological evolutions, populations that are on the move and societal developments that need stability.

So, it’s a great opportunity to analyze the nature of the essence of interest in communication sciences for Africa and for Europe, needs and challenges, legal environments, research possibilities, where do we separate, where do we meet, what room for maneuver can the two commissions have to finally operate a turning point in this area.

An essential part of communication sciences, which extends its skills beyond the only academic field, is continuous training for those who are in the working life and realize that the needs for communications are unavoidable; far from the only need to develop networks; what are the forms of learning that the European Union and the African Union can put in place to finally make a difference…

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