Sun. Sep 19th, 2021



Syracuse University in the State of New York is to be placed in the elite category and it houses the Newhouse School of Public Communicationas its pillar in communication sciences. Did the methodological successes echo, where and how …


That interests us in this comparative communication sciences study for two circumstantial apprehensions:-first, it is not a standard approach that is offered to a future „lamda“ journalist, we will identify why, and then,-second-there is practically no correlation in Europe even less in the third world, because of the very aim of the training offered but also probably of the purposes envisaged for those who completely do the exercise.

So, let’s illustrate all this: -the range of programs from the undergraduates minors and majors is vast, which makes it possible to target what one wants to do. For the continuation for Masters if one wishes it, the proposition embraces the whole spectrum of communication sciences, nothing is left to chance. The classic confinement of public institutions in the tool of social sciences to teach journalism, or advertising studies for private institutes, bounces in the air, and it’s worth analyzes.






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