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When political relations take place, for example, in a specific case, between a state of the USA, Nebraska, and North Rhein Westphalia, in Germany, how studies in Journalism are affected and to what quality. We are going after this case for academic observation reasons…

Communication science education in Germany is decentralized as permitted by a federal system. but follows the line of the “Bologna process” which has value in the European Union.

The case of Nebraska is host to a public-private system of duality in the field of education as it´s well known „outre Atlantique“, and journalism studies will follow no exception.

Would there be other fundamentals to call forth or is it summed up by that?

Well, we have found more, especially with regard to training and education of journalistic essence, completely legal but nonetheless informal because it depends much more on the existence of non-academic networks; this is to be worked out.

Can we still qualify as „journalism“activities of private companies or of public communication institutions more concerned with gaining intelligence? The debate is not yet even remotely envisaged in the field of education in communication science.

t is for this reason that this article dares and throws the flagstone in the lagoon.

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