International journalism studies in the philosophizing of mondo powers: comparison USA vs Russia…

Acording to data available by collective agreement around the world, someone who has a diploma in communication sciences or similar field should be qualified for an”international journalist” title as a specialization, in this case, in international affairs, can be reakized. As an illustration, we put two institutions from America and Russia face to face to observe.



The University of Rockhurst, located in Kansas, USA, describes its international journalism program as follows: -the clear need for experienced and trained journalists at the highest level to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world with a growing population. more and more connected, with a great need to be informed…

It therefore seems imperative to train and prepare for various encouters, on very disparate subjects, and logically the profession will undoubtedly face aspects of ethics and legality, in different languages, that the courses offered by this institution promise to provide adequate weapons for the chosen industry: seminars, reportages, publishing, PR principles…among other programs highlights.

In Roussie, the school of international journalism is within Mgimo University in Moscow, more precisely within the Institute for International Relations where it was created in 1968.

Preparation of specialists in international relations, advertising, public relations and sociology, the market seems to be clear: communication agencies. The school, which places a very clear emphasis on mass sociologies and the exploration of trends in the media and in foreign languages, may lead one to believe that the communication sciences are only „means to an end“…to be revealed.

Questions emerge:-About”certain formulation or descriptions of academic sugstance”with a very purring character, but what can be hidden behind? -What we should perhaps recognize, even if we have to take a closer look, is the volume of publication of the school’s alumni, where does this potential come from?-What is striking is the almost UN/ONU-SIAN description of academic activities, but on the other hand very little is said about the students. We are curious to know who may expose interest in pursuing this courses and for what personal and professional purposes..


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