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The training of journalists evolves rapidly and its future without new technologies is not potential; conferences on the subject are legion in Europe and the US. Who then prepares best for the challenges of the digital prospectives amongst universities for publishing houses?

Learning to write a traditional paper is not over, but more is needed; nowadays we need sounds, images, infographics … etc … the profession is evolving. We want to know what an academy in France, relatively young – a decade or so- offers as training in the face of these challenges, compare to a more or less similar institution in the US.

The HEJ (Institut des Hautes Études de Journalisme ) offers in two large French cities, Montpellier and Lyon, a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and specialization in sports and reporting. This gives us the overall and positive impression of closely following the media industry and of wanting to adapt as quickly as possible, we explain the obvious motivations.

What seems interesting is that the Florida Global University goes straight ahead and directly offers a major in digital journalism. The American model with regard to the curriculum is immediately visible: the expeditiousness of this educational institution to want to deliver technically savvy personnel to the media and industry.

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